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Car rental in Germany

Take and slow drive through Germany for an awe-inspiring experience. Read here for more about this inspirational destination.

Get behind the wheel and discover Germany at your leisure. The charming towns will take your breath away and the majestic cities will show you exactly why this country plays such an important role in the European economy. Every inch of this beautiful country is just waiting to be explored.

Go online and hire a car that will best suit you needs through Car Hire Brokers. After landing at Frankfurt Airport, conveniently pick up your rental car and then you will be all set to begin your driving adventure.

Car rental in Germany
Driving a rental car in Germany

Whether you are travelling through Germany as a large group or as a sole explorer, rest assured that you will be able to rent a car that will best serve you. Have your choice of compact, economy and intermediate vehicles, including minivans, minibuses and automatics. If you prefer something a little more luxurious, such as a Mercedes, Audi or BMW, you will be glad to know that Germany has the largest varierty of luxury cars at great prices. You will also be glad to know that no matter where you are in Germany, 24-hour roadside services are available.

Drive through Frankfurt, the financial hub of Germany, and take in the radiant city. Make your way to the top of the Main Tower where you will be able to view Frankfurt from an elevation of nearly 200 meters.

Visit The Museum of Modern Art, famous for its stunning architecture designed by Hans Hollein, which earned it the nickname 'piece-of-cake' and for its substantial art collection featuring artists such as Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg and Reiner Ruthenbeck.

Make your way to the Palmengarten botanical gardens where you will find yourself wandering through 22 hectares of fascinating flora from all corners and climates of the world.

Take a slow drive along the majestic River Maine and browse through as many of the captivating museums as you'd like to. Museums such as Goethe House, the Historical Museum, the Communication Museum, various art museums, and so much more. 

If Munich Airport is your preferred destination, then Car Hire Brokers is the car hire company for you. Allow us to get you all set for independance and freedom. Whether you are here for the world famous Oktoberfest or to experience the beautiful sites and Bavarian culture, rest assured that you will be able to do so at your convenience.

If history is your interest, find your way to each of the surviving buildings left over from the Nazi movement and the Third Reich. These include various Nazi beer halls, the Nazi marching grounds, Monuments of WW2, and Nazi architecture, and even the Nazi head quarters. If that doesn't satisfy your need for knowledge, make your way to Dachau and the Dachau concentration camp.

The Bavarian Castles are a must-see. These spellbinding castles will make you feel as if you have stepped into a fairytale. In fact, the Nueschwanstein Castle was an inspiration behind Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle.

Are you geared up for a road trip? Travel from Munich to Salzburgh and be treated to picturesque scenery and beautiful villages. Turn the short trip into a day of stunning and interesting stops including Lake Chiemsee and Herrencheimsee.

In Salzburg you will be treated to scenerey straight out of the Sound of Music. Be awed by the magnificant Alps and striking paizzas and fountains. if you are looking for an amazing experience be sure to visiti the Salt Mine or the 900-year old fortress, Hohensalzburg Castle. 

Germany is an awe-inspiring destination that should be enjoyed at your own pace, so hire a car from us and take your time to explore.