Car rental in France

Take a road trip around the Parisian dream from Paris to Monaco and even Bordeaux. France, the European favourite, is the most beloved holiday destination for jet setters around the world. With so much to explore at every point of interest around this revolutionary country, driving is the best option when looking for an experience of a lifetime. Packed with culture, history and beautiful architecture one will never be at a loss for entertainment. Want a romance filled trip? France won't disappoint with Paris being dubbed the romance capital of the world, but, don't just stop there, the south of France has a sense of magic about its site's and sounds.

Getting behind the wheel after landing in Paris, Toulouse or Marseille is easy and convenient. Simply pick up your rental car and hit the beautiful roadways towards an adventure in the land of love, wine and good food. Stop off for some French pastries and nibble on some les petits macarons at a street café. Enjoy the beauty and culture of the most colourful city in Europe.

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Car rental in France
Driving in France

Car hire in France offers you a range of economical, compact and intermediate vehicles to choose from. With French brands including Citroen and Peugeot you can be assured of comfort and style when travelling through cityscapes or the countryside. With all your car hire covered you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you will receive the best deals and be covered with 24-hour roadside assistance wherever you may travel.

Planning your road trip is important when visiting France; with so many attractions you don't want to miss a thing. Starting in Paris might seem overdone but the City of Light has much to offer the discerning traveller. Whether you are new to travelling or a veteran you can be assured that this old modern city will keep you on your toes. Take a trip up the Eiffel Tower or a stroll through the Musée du Louvre.

Looking for a family adventure? Take a day trip to the Disneyland Resort located in Paris - this whimsical land of fantasy is the most popular theme park in France. If luxury is what you are looking for, head South East to the French Riviera, a destination renowned for its beauty and riches. If your budget allows it don't forget to take in the fashion that this shopping capital has on offer, from designer shoes to handbags - don't leave empty handed.

Known for its love of cuisine, wine and fromage (cheese) you should make testing and tasting a priority on your long list of to-do's. With a range of Michelin star restaurants, brasseries (bistros), and wine farms, you are sure to have a culinary adventure. A few interesting destinations to stop at include the city of wine, Bordeaux, the heart of the Provence, Marseille, and the infamous 'Pink City', Toulouse. If you are a sucker for art and history, take a trip to Strasbourg, Lyon or Burges.

Driving in France may be overwhelming at first but with a few tips and some research on speed regulations and parking districts you are sure to be a pro in no time. Be sure to check French traffic services before you depart on your trip as this will help you to avoid traffic jams, especially over Black Saturday (Samedi Noir - the busiest day of the year when people go on holiday). You are more likely to receive a manual transmission vehicle, as this is the preference of the driving public and peculiarities of French licencing laws whilst automatics transmission vehicles are mostly only used by the elderly and physically disabled; you can however pre-book an automatic rental car.

With roads ranging from single-lane roads to major highways most of France's city centres tend to be unmanageable for cars. All roads are categorised into Autoroutes, National roads or Departmental roads, also including municipal and forestry roads. Most Autoroutes (freeways) are tolled so be sure to work that into your travel budget and have a credit card handy to avoid unnecessary delays. Traffic laws include driving on the right hand side of the road and road speed limit ranges between 30km/h - 70km/h within city limits whilst motorway limits are set at 130km/h. Ensure that all passengers buckle up as driving without a seatbelt can have a hefty 135 Euros penalty.

So take a trip to the French Republic and discover the land of magic, beauty, romance and royalty filled with gastronomic adventures.