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Noted as one of the most pristine and richest countries in the world, Switzerland has even more to offer in terms of attractions and year-round activities.

When you rent a car with Car Hire Brokers in Switzerland you are offering yourself the opportunity to tour a majestic country in the best way possible. Fly in and rent a car from exciting destinations such as Zurich, Berne, Geneva, and more.

Your road trip will allow you to discover the quaint villages, amazing mountain scenery and exhilarating ski resorts like you've never seen them before. So use our car rental form below to start planning your trip with our competitive comparisons and quotes.

car rental in Switzerland
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Get ready and discover a whole new world filled with scenic mountains, countryside, villages and even vibrant cities when you rent a car with Car Hire Brokers and tour Switzerland.

Berne, the capital city of Switzerland, is full of urban wonders including the Albert Einstein museum, stunning palaces, magnificent rose gardens and many other cultural hot spots including the Paul Klee Centre. If arts and culture are what you are interested in, it may be worthwhile stopping over in Berne.

Visit Geneva, a city well known for many cultural attractions, which include museums, sculptures and more. A beautiful and impressive landmark certainly worth visiting is the Palais des Nations, the headquarters of the UN. This building is not only beautifully impressive but you will learn incredible facts about the mighty United Nations. Witness the beauty and force of the Jet dÉau, a water fountain 140 meters high. And if you are a sucker for well-crafted, beautiful watches then you are in the right place. Geneva boasts some of the best names in Swiss watch making.

Apart from art and culture attractions, Switzerland also has many interesting attractions including adventure parks, cheese factories, and chocolate factories. And who wouldn't love a chocolate tasting? If you are one for adventure sports there are also many destinations where you can try your hand at sailing, windsurfing, skiing, and if you are brave enough, even some skydiving.

If skiing is something you would love to try then head to Zurich. With your rental car from Car Hire Brokers you can easily visit classy and exciting resorts such as Klosters, Davos, Hoch-Ybrig, Holzegg, Grindelward, Chateau dÓex and St Moritz. All these resorts offer skiing, mountain biking and horse riding during the summer. Sound exciting? I know we'd love to try.

If exploring the countryside is more your style then drive out and view stunning destinations such as Lake Lucerne and Lake Lugano, we well as the magnificent castle, the Chateau de Chillon.

If you are going to rent a car in Switzerland, then it will serve you well to know some of the road rules. Firstly, the Swiss drive of the right hand side of the road. Secondly the speed limit is Switzerland ranges from 12mph to 75mph depending on the road. Watch out for signs so that you don't get caught out. The law requires all passengers to have seatbelts on at all times. Safety first! Mobile phones may also not be used when driving as this poses a risk not only to yourself and passengers in the car, but to pedestrians too. In a country where pedestrians and cyclists frequent the roads it is increasingly important to drive carefully and be aware of them.

Car Hire Brokers is ready to make your trip to Switzerland a memorable one. Rent a car and allow yourself the freedom to explore a country which is rich with culture, activities, and stunning sites.

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