Accidents During Your Rental

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When renting a car or travelling abroad sometimes accidents happen. In the case of an emergency relating to your rental car it is important to stay calm and think methodically. An emergency is classed as an accident or a mechanical problem with the vehicle when hiring a car.

The rental company will have supplied you with all the relevant contact information for emergencies. Most often this information is found on the rental agreement, car keys or in the car's manual. Once you have found the contact information call the toll free number, calmly explain the situation and the rental company will assist you, allowing you to continue your journey safely.

If you are involved in an accident with the rental car, please remember to follow these steps. Make sure you contact the local authorities and file a police report. Also notify the rental company that will assist you with additional instructions.

Here's what you should do in such situations:

Car Malfunction:

◾ Reach out to the rental company or their roadside assistance. Their contact is often found on the rental agreement, car keys, or vehicle manual. They'll assist promptly.

◾ Be aware: though the helpline might be toll-free, if you use your mobile, any extra costs may not be reimbursed by the rental firm.

◾ If towing is necessary, the rental company will guide you.

Accident or Collision:

◾ Always file a police report.

◾ Notify the rental company immediately and adhere to their guidance. Ensure you document details of any involved third parties.

Charges Waiver Up to $2,500:

Coverage Limit of $2,500: Should you face any fees from the rental agency because of the following reasons:

  • Vehicle accidental damage or theft
  • Damaged tires
  • Windshield or mirror impairments
  • Battery or clutch issues
  • Undercarriage damages (on paved roads)
  • Misplaced vehicle keys

    Note that some companies or third parties might offer waivers or reimbursements for the mentioned issues, for an added fee. However, be judicious about the extras you choose. There won't be refunds or credits for unnecessary add-ons.

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