Tips for Car Rental Abroad

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◾ Pick-Up Time:

Vehicles are reserved until one hour post the scheduled pick-up time on your voucher or until the station's closing time, whichever is sooner.

If you expect delays, contact the pick-up station using the details on your voucher.

◾ Credit Card & Deposit:

A credit card in the main driver's name is required as a deposit during pick-up.
Deposits are blocked to ensure rental terms adherence and future potential charges. It's typically unblocked within 14 business days post rental. Refer to your voucher for accepted credit card types.

◾ Rental Agreement:

After presenting necessary documents, you'll be asked to sign a binding rental agreement.

Review the contract thoroughly, ensuring clarity on details like additional drivers, any extra services, travel plans, and their respective charges.
Decline unneeded services or upgrades when offered.

◾ Fuel Policy:

Return the car with the same fuel level as received. Insufficient fuel upon return incurs additional charges determined by the rental company.

◾ Vehicle Cleanliness:

Ensure the car is returned clean and avoid smoking inside.
Excessive dirt or signs of smoking may result in added cleaning fees.

Remember, preparedness is key. Having a smooth car rental experience abroad is all about understanding the process and expectations. Safe travels!


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