Car rental with children

Travelling abroad with children can be a tremendous experience, but might change easily into a nightmare. Here are some recommendations that will help you turn your family's trip into a safe and enjoyable experience:

  • Choosing a comfortable car group isn't just a matter of how many passengers are travelling in it. How much luggage do you have? Do you intend to bring strollers? If so, you should consider a station wagon or a minivan, which provide enough back seat and trunk space. Remember that a crowded car can become an obstacle, especially in long trips.
  • Aggressive and nervous drivers are everywhere, not just in Israel. Even in short drives, it is mandatory that small children are seated in a fitted booster or child seat. Taking a baby with you? It is recommended that you bring your own seat with you.
  • According to car rental driving regulations, helpdesk employees are forbidden from arrange boosters/child seat for you, therefore, this responsibility is solely yours. Each time you enter the car, it's important to check that the boosters/child seat is properly secure and can accommodate the seat belt. Try to shake the seat, if it is still unstable, readjust it further. Before hitting the road, make sure that shoulders' straps and waist belts are fitted as well.
  • On long journeys it is advised to choose the easiest and fastest route. Look at a map or your GPS navigator system and check for course. Is it a plain road? Is it well lighted? Does it have dangerous curves? Is it a motorway or a narrow road? Remember that you don't know the roads and the you need to concentrate on the road - not the back seat.
    It is vital to make stops along the way to eat, drink and refresh.
  • Make sure you have a snacks and toys in the car, as well as a trash bag, tissues and baby-wipes. A first aid kit in the glove box in a must.
  • It is not advised to leave toys or luggage in the car. In case of an accident, these objects might endanger you and your children.
  • Going on a summer vacation? Remember that the car's interior might overheat. Cover the booster/child seat and other objects when you leave the car.