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SIPP codes are the universal language for characterizing vehicles within the industry, providing a concise summary of a vehicle's specifications. These identifiers consist of four characters, with each symbol representing a distinct attribute; for example, the CDMR classification stands for a Compact model, with 4/5 Doors, equipped with a Manual transmission, and Air conditioning included.

A vehicle like the CDMR could represent several different brands and models, encompassing the likes of the Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, Renault Megan, Seat Leon, Hyundai i30, among others.

Why are SIPP codes used? 

Purpose of SIPP codes SIPP codes facilitate the task of contrasting various vehicles by assorting them into groups based on shared features. Given the myriad of vehicle models worldwide, an efficient classification system is indispensable.

Will my reservation ensure I get the exact model?
 Reserving a vehicle doesn't guarantee the provision of that precise model. You are assured to receive a vehicle matching the SIPP code you booked or an upgraded version thereof. Due to the logistics of fleet distribution at different locations, it's typical to be allocated a comparable model within the same category. It is sensible not to have a fixed expectation of getting a particular make and model.

The SIPP code essentially earmarks the category of the vehicle you're hiring.

Implementing various vehicle codes:

 These classification codes, while set forth by the industry's association ACRISS (visit the official website: ), are adopted voluntarily by car rental firms. These companies are not mandated to use the standard SIPP codes but it is advantageous to do so.

Regrettably, some rental agencies that are not members of this association may use alternative coding systems that deviate slightly from the SIPP standard, yet the ACRISS guidelines serve as a reliable reference point.

How to use SIPP codes?

Navigating SIPP codes The four letters in a SIPP code each detail a feature of the vehicle - from its body type and door count to the gearbox and air conditioning presence. However, it doesn’t cover advance selection options like fuel type, engine power, boot space, color, or audio equipment. For a comprehensive guide, refer to the car code directory on the ACRISS website:

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