One-way car rental

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When travelling abroad it is not uncommon to journey to different countries with a rental car.
If you do not return to the country from where you picked up the hire car, this is known as a one-way rental.

It is very important to remember that one-way car rentals may be subject to additional charges. Please ensure you ask one of our skilled consultants about these charges should you by travelling to a different country.

The fees that may be incurred can be paid at the counter of the car rental company. You will be subject to pay VAT on the fees charged. Should you wish to book a one-way rental car please contact our call centre during office hours on the following number: +27116573600.

We understand that often when travelling your plans could change. Remember to notify the local rental company to confirm the change in drop-off location whether it is in the same country or a different country. Any change in drop-off location may be subject to an additional charge or penalty.

Contact the local car rental agency to find out more information. Remember to get the change in drop-off location confirmed in writing by the local rental company in order to avoid any confusion at the depot.


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